June 13, 2016

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June 13, 2016

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2016 Caribbean Multi-National Business Conference

New York, New York – The Twenty-first Annual Caribbean Multi-National Business Conference (CMBC) will be held in Panama City, Panama, November 10-13, 2016.

Mayor of the City of Panama, in extending the invitation to the Conference said:  “Panama has much to offer, and we are eager to welcome the event and to seize the opportunity the Conference brings.”

Faye Rodney, President of CARIB NEWS remarked, “Bringing the Conference to Panama for the second time demonstrates the importance of Panama as a connecting point in bridging the Caribbean and the Americas.”

For the past twenty years, CARIB NEWS has organized the CMBC throughout the Caribbean and Central America.  The Conference provides opportunities for senior level private and public sector leaders, thought leaders and civic leaders to discuss trade investment, and economic and social policy issues impacting the region and specifically the business environment.

Former Mayor of Panama City, Juan Carlos Navarro:  “I was proud to host the CMBC in the City of Panama in 2006.  I am happy to see the Conference return this year connecting Panama’s industry leaders with those of the United States and the Caribbean.”

CMBC has continued to be the most influential meeting of its kind in the region.  Attracting over three hundred delegates from over twenty countries, the Conference forges meaningful collaboration by bringing the best minds together.

Karl B. Rodney, Publisher and CEO of CARIB NEWS looks with enthusiasm to the Conference in Panama:  “With the expansion of the Canal capacity, there are opportunities for businesses that did not exist previously.”

While in New York recently, the Mayor of Panama City, Hon. Jose′ Blandon Figueroa met with the Rodneys to finalize the planning for the Conference.  Some members of the U.S. Planning Committee were also present.

From left – Karl Rodney, Faye Rodney and Major Jose′ Blandon Figueroa


From left – Greg Mayers, Onida Mayers, Karl Rodney, Mayor Jose′ Blandon Figueroa, Faye Rodney, Consul General of Panama, Hon. Juan Carlos Diaz Atencio, and Jimmy McCormack