Program Highlights

Health Agenda

  1. Global Health Security

The spread of diseases, viruses, outbreaks and other life-threatening health concerns imagesaround the world establishes the need to focus attention on health issues with international impact. Discussions will include approaches to improving situations related to public health and governance for critical health issues such as the Zika Virus.

  1. Non-Communicable Diseases – Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension

Structures and interventions are compulsory to better manage and prevent the global problem of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Resources have included government leadership, regulation of unhealthy food and beverage marketing, community engagement, and an infusion of environments that support physical activity. The forum will create opportunities for collaboration and advancement of data and decision-making with emphasis on life-style changes.


The HIV/AIDS crisis remains a global health concern with increased cases in some populations and regions. Discussions will highlight the impact of care and prevention in managing the disease.


The natural construct of global growth, collaboration, information sharing, faculty, student body,  research, and language have created a very dynamic environment for education.

Institutional Collaboration

Institutional collaboration creates outcomes on initiatives otherwise unachievable by individuals and individual institutions. Institutional collaboration promotes influence with network organizations, and in this way benefit the development of good relationships, positive experiences, common interests in working together, and coordinated mechanisms.  This will be a discussion involving communities and countries on considerations to meet new demands.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Expand the vision and the opportunities from classroom to the workplace; from institutions to entrepreneurs’ endeavors to overcome the gap between people who are educated and not educated for middle-school jobs that exist currently in the STEM fields.


Innovation leads to new or improved business strategy, product, service, process, customer base, organizational practices, work design and use of resources.

Discussions will center on ways to develop the atmosphere for innovations and a strong economic driver; to overtake existing gaps between technology and innovation in order to level the playing field.

Global Emerging Leaders Forum (GELF)

Identify emerging leaders in the professional, entrepreneurial, and academic fields and provide a platform for their growth and development for strong and ready leadership for immediate and future needs.

The Global Emerging Leaders Forum will address needs for a pipeline of globally-oriented senior executive talent.  Cohorts of participants in the GELF program will develop capabilities through networking, shared experiences, inter-generational sessions, mentoring, and leadership exposure to achieve the desired goal-

  • Peer-to-Peer sessions of sharing
  • Structured and guided sessions
  • Participation in regular sessions – to provide a voice to be heard
  • Inter-generational discussions
  • Chat shops with thought leaders in small groups

Global Women of Power and Influence Session

A session with discourse on the impact of women in business, politics, government and institutions, and their role as drivers of change and advancement. It will provide:-

An opportunity for exposure to dynamic women from Africa, United States, the Caribbean and Latin American, and their path to success;

Networking of women in various endeavors from diverse countries, sharing, collaborating and developing partnership;

Connections between generations of women and the shared messages and linkages developed;

A panel of talent for companies, communities and countries to draw from and to engage with.

Thought Leaders – Summit

Drawing from the best minds globally to be together in one place to express their ideas, research, experiences  and accomplishments to an audience of stakeholders, decision-makers and delegates who want to be stakeholders and decision-makers is always a session of not just inspiration but a purpose and path for life.

Academics, authors, experts with known success in various fields come together to share, reflect and guide the tone on tenure of the Conference.

These thought leaders remain accessible for Chat Shop discussions in small groups; participate in other sessions and can be approached individually.

Individuals, companies, communities and countries all benefit from these sessions.

Financial Services – Path to Economic Growth

With financial services playing an increasing role in the Caribbean, Central America, and the US, few sectors surpass its importance. Used as a plank for diversification of their economies, this is a critical issue that progressive thinkers and leaders address in forum discourse.

The Financial Services session will be looking at legislation of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), designed to monitor American investment abroad. The financial services environment factors in the current situation with correspondent banks that could potentially disrupt the banking system in the Caribbean, and Central America, and impact the Diaspora and their remittances to the various countries.

Discussion on Panama Papers will reveal Panama’s position on the issue, promote transparency and chart a positive way forward for financial services in and beyond the region.

Transportation – Canal Impact on Global Shipping

p1160709The expansion of the Panama Canal and the historical connection with the Caribbean and the region requires focus on the future in global shipping. Ports across the Caribbean should be looking to expanded use of the enlarged Canal to spur growth in cargo transshipment across the region. Shippers should be looking at expanded opportunities. The expansion of the Canal also provides opportunities for a number of industries and services.

Cultural Industries – Sustainable Growth in Regional Economies

The Caribbean, Central American region is rich in music, dance, and festivals. The visual and performing arts are transforming cultural industries into an engine of growth for investment by employment magnets. Panama and its music and dance, visual arts, center rift and other cultural areas will have an opportunity to showcase its strength at the Conference, look for collaboration with other regional countries, and marketing alliances with US market experts present at the Conference. Cultural industries handled seriously can be a sustainable economic driver for the region.

Travel & Tourism – An Attractive Region for History, Heritage, Adventure, Festivals and Eco-Tourism

Panama has a great tourism product to exhibit for a new North American market, and to form coalition with regional parties. Presentations will highlight the tourism offering of the region to strengthen and expand the base of the region numbers and revenue earners.